About : Hamburger Kartenwerkstatt

Plakat - Einfach mal ein Engel sein

Welcome to Hamburger Kartenwerkstatt !    

„Creative work for a good cause“. 

It all started back in 1995 in London with stamps and embossing powder. In combination with watercolours and handmade papers I created my first christmas and greeting cards. Since then I have been hooked on stamping, card making and scrapbooking. The number of products on offer in the scrapbook market to accommodate creativity has grown immensely and makes my life so much easier.

During 2004 – 2009 while living in Dubai the proceeds from my sales were donated to the breastcancer organisation run by Dr. Houriya Kazim. At the time I was very lucky to become friends with Lani Bin Haider, who inspired and supported me throughout. She gave me the opportunity to teach classes at PaperLane in Dubai and further refine my teaching experiences. I am very grateful to her.

I would like to pay tribute to my dear friend Dominique Vaughan who unfortunately passed away. She was an ardent supporter of my cause, organized bazars and relentlessly shared her drive to help the needy. I do miss her a lot.

Back in Hamburg I still follow my motto  „Creative work for a good cause“. The total of my proceeds and I am talking about 100% here is donated to the children’s home Erlenbusch. My proceeds are generated from Scrapbook-Classes, Card-Sales and more….

Should you also be interested in supporting Erlenbusch directly or by purchasing my products, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail. I am looking forward to hearing from you.